Ever wonder what fun and exciting activities there are at Project Graduation?  

Dodge Ball, Casino, Silent Disco, Fortune Teller, Toddler Wall, Cash Cube, and MORE!  


What about the FOOD?

No worries!  There will be tons of food from local vendors for everyone! 


Will there be PRIZES?

You will be amazed at all the prizes to be won!


Check back often for more details!

Just a little refresher to make sure you are having a ball...




Do not consume alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, or any other illegal, intoxicating, or hallucinogenic substances before or during Project Graduation.



Do not leave the Project Graduation premises. 

Your exit is final and no re-entry will be allowed under any circumstances.



DO ride the bus from the WHS Graduation site to the WHS Project Graduation celebration. 

DO be prepared to have a good time!