Project Graduation could not happen without an army of WHS Parent Volunteers!

A Special Thank you for our 2022-23 Committee Chairs - Crisitina Feldott & Jen Mazuelos for their tireless work this past year!


And thank you to the Senior & Junior Sub-Committee Chairs:

Revenue:  Liane Stonecipher

Treasurer: Karra Guess

Logistics:  James & Alex Spradley, Karen Martin, Anne Hagan, Gilda Tirado, Laura Clark, Alice Meadows, Dana Bocock, Ellen Jatinen, Joy Eickhoff, Adriane Dorsey, Belinda Echols, Andrea Depwe, Karen May, Julie Jones, Laura Boone, Amy Brady, Melissa Skinner-Smith, Randy Smith, Sherry Dietrick, Karla Lardie, Stephen Lardie, Caroline Sweeney, 

Transportation: Jeff Simpler

Prizes: Linnea Rice & Andrea Woodruff

Donations: Stacy Dollar

Yard Signs: Marilee Eitel

T-Shirts: Anne Brinkley

Communications: Christie Schultz & Caroline Sweeney

Decorations: Cadie Evans, Tara Thompson, Amber Dittoe, Meredith Jones

Food: Aimee Petty, Kelly Peterson, Debbie Cannon

Hospitality: Kori Phenegar, Michelle Flores

Games:  Amity Garwood, Leslie Spencer, Jennifer Ramberg, Anne Natenstedt, Heather Naumann, Simone Krasan, Julie Hill, Julie Swett, Sarah Garrison, Shannon Carter, Julie Toler, Divya Singh, Marnie Fitzgerald, Kimmie Qualliza, Kimberly Bishop, Ellen Apotolakis, Caroline Cruikshank

Entertainment:  Bibi Maddox, Nicole Campbell, Kelly Breeden, Laurel Sockwell, Meagan Didlake, Spence Collins, Laura Collins, Kiran Ward, Jeff Ward, Fieda Martinez, Ginger Grasley, Jane Deyhimi, Jennifer Sloan, Julie Holt, Kelly Corbet




to each and every one of our over 200 volunteers that came out that night to make Project Graduation happen!



WHEN: MONDAY, MAY 20, 2024 - TuEsday May 21, 2024






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