Thank you for your interest in volunteering for Project Graduation!

It takes hundreds of volunteers to pull off this incredible event for our WHS Senior Chaps!

Whether you want a large job or small, or want to work on something before, during, or at the event, we have many options you can choose from to get involved.

There are jobs for everyone!


Volunteer Sign-Up is now open for senior parents and will open later this week for junior/younger parents!  So check back often to see what is available. If you would like to serve on the planning committee, please email

Senior Parents

Volunteer Sign-Up is now open for senior parents! Most senior parents help or attend PG to see their child's class together one last time. Signing up is a two-step process. First, click this link to sign the parent agreement, and then you will receive a confirmation email with a link to sign up for a shift.


Also make sure you are currently registered on the school's Raptor security system, as all volunteers must be Raptored in one week in advance of Project Graduation. If you aren't registered, just drop by WHS Chap Court or main entrance with your driver's license, and they can register you quickly.


Juniors & All Other Volunteers

Volunteer Sign-Up will open in March!  Junior parents, this is your year to pay it forward. The junior parents set up the school on the day of Project Graduation so that senior parents can attend and enjoy watching their student walk across the stage at graduation. As a perk, you will receive first pick of volunteer shifts for your child's senior year!