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NOTE: if you already have a Membership Toolkit account login with another organization, USE YOUR SAME LOG-IN HERE but let us know your updated information.   There is no fee to join the WHS PTO as all families of students attending Westlake High School are AUTOMATIC members. 





All proceeds help fund Classroom startup for teachers, Campus Improvement, supplies for classes, Staff Appreciation, Student Appreciation,  and much more!


Your donation makes a difference!

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  This is why donating to the WHS PTO No Hassle Fundraiser is so crucial! 

Without YOUR support, we are unable to help improve and make WHS an incredible place for our WHS Chaps!




Homecoming is happening in September this year Ladies and Gentlemen! 

So make sure to add purchasing your Homecoming Mums to your To-Do List soon!



Not sure how or what to order when it comes to Homecoming Mums? Email your questions to mums@whspto.net.





One of our best volunteer opportunities is to help the WHS PTO shower our teachers and staff with love!  The "more the merrier" is the motto of this committee.   We have events planned every month of the school year, so please join us! 


This committee has lots of flexibility.  You can participate as often as your schedule allows and is a great fit for everyone. With your help, this committee provides LUNCHEONS, TREATS, AND GIFT CARDS throughout the year to show our appreciation to our teachers and staff who work hard to provide the best for our children. 


Please consider joining this committee! 
OR if you are willing to help sponsor or help provide the food / snacks, please let us know, too!


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The Abraham Family |  The Burke Family |  The Feito Family |  The Ford Family |  The Heinzman Family | The Howitt Family |  The Hundley Family |  The Kizer Family |  The Lakomy Family |  The Menking Family |  The O'Neil Family |  The Pikus Family |  The Adrian & Michelle Segura Family |  The Senthilkumar Family |  The Rishi Shah Family | The Brian & Heather Sheffield Family |  Family of Colton & Griffin Stanford | The Mina Stanic Family |  The Alexis & Peter Stokes Family |  The Sutter Family |  The Turner Family |  The Zidar Family


The Bernard Family |  The Lucy Brown Family |  The Burris Family |  The Cantrell Family |  The Collier Family |  The Davidson Family |  The Beckett Duncan Family |  The Jason & Amity Garwood Family |  The Halverson Family |  The Hill Family |  The Ingram-Eiser Family |  The Johnson Family |  The Brady Jones Family |  The Jones Family |  The Kane Family |  The Kastak-Carrillo Family | The Keith Family |  The Kelso Family | The LaPlante Family | The LeBlanc Family |  The Lozano Family | The Miller Family |  The Narvaez Family |  The Nutt Family |  The Palosh Family |  The Pham Family |  The Pierce Family |  The Rhodes Family |  The Salemie Family |  The Saltsman Family | The Schwarzbach Family |  The Shepler Family


The Bundy Family |  The Butler Family | The DeLorenzo Family | The Mayhew Family | The Mezas Family |  The Tu Family | The Wenninger Family


We will keep you in-the-know with our newsletters, include your family in the directory, see opportunities to make purchases, volunteer, and complete any paperwork - all online in one spot. Our goal is to save time, and work together with families more smoothly!

 The WHS PTO mission is to enrich the educational experience of students at Westlake High School by providing volunteer and financial support to Westlake High School’s teachers, administrators, counselors, and students.


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