One fun way for a WHS club, team or organization to earn money is to sign up and volunteer to staff at a WHS Varsity Football game,

at either the home or visitor side concessions. 

There are two (2) shifts that are available for your club, team or organization to staff during the game. 

  • Visitor-Side Concessions - this requires between 11-13 volunteers per shift, depending on the team we are playing.  
  • Home-Side Concessions - this requires between 18-20 volunteers per shift. 


Shift time starts one hour before kick-off time.  Students ages 16 or older are welcome to volunteer.  Cashiers must be an adult.  


Please email Ryan Scott at if you are interested in volunteering or have any questions


Note: Distribution checks are distributed at the first week of the next school year based on the total end-of-year concession profits.  The profits are then distributed to the groups based on the percentage of time worked, not by intake at a particular game.  




Concession Volunteer Lead Information 


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