Home Coming Mums

Mums are special to Texas and special to our kids. The Mum Mom Committee is an incredibly fun and friendly group of women that create and produce over 1,400 mums and armbands each year that are proudly worn on Homecoming day. Mums represent one of the PTO's major annual fundraisers, and it cannot be done without the help of many volunteers. So please volunteer!

Believe it or not, the mum room is active year round (stop by and check us out in room 341, upstairs off the Commons). Our busy time is in the fall. Jobs are for crafty and non-crafty individuals, alike. Expect lots of ribbon cutting, braid making, stapling, hot-glue gunning, alphabetizing and organizing finished product, and of course, camaraderie. 

The real bonus is seeing our sons and daughters come in to check out what we are doing and their seeing what we are making for them or their special someone.

Once Homecoming passes, the leftover materials need to be inventoried and organized. Then we begin creating the following year’s designs. 

In the spring, materials are purchased, and we start the process all over again -- continuing on a very limited basis through the summer.

You can join the mum room full-time or just an hour a week. Please email Jennifer Jefferson to volunteer. 

Hope to see you all in the mum room. It's so much fun! Go Chaps!!