One way for WHS clubs, teams and organizations to earn money is to volunteer to staff 1 of 4 shifts (Set up, Home side 1st, Home side 2nd & Visitor/Pit) during a Home Varsity Football game.  It usually takes 15-20 people (combination of adults and students) to fully staff a shift.  

At the end of the school year concession profits from the year are tallied and then distributed to the groups based on percentage of time worked (not amount of intake during that particular shift).  

Distribution checks are distributed usually the first week of the new school year (groups that worked the 2012 Football season received their checks August 2013).  In 2013 (2012 Football season) 1 group made over $3,000 by working 2 shifts.  Lots of groups make over $2,000 for 1 evening’s worth of work.

If your group is interested in working a game or has any questions please contact Kathy Powell